Student Spotlight: David Calvert

"I’ve learned that leadership is more than a word. It is a process that defines who a leader actually is."

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

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David Calvert works as the District Service Manager for Medtronic Inc. in Little Rock. He was born in Jacksonville, Arkansas, about 10 miles outside of Little Rock, but he traveled a lot during his time serving in the Army. He and his family settled down in North Little Rock about 10 years ago. David married his high school sweetheart Cindy, and they recently celebrated their 23rd anniversary. Their two children, Jake and Alexandria, study at Arkansas Tech University.

David is working on his MBA with an emphasis in Leadership & Ethics at JBU, but going back to school was not an easy decision for him. “My undergraduate degree is in Nursing; however, I have worked outside of clinical practice for over 10 years. My role as a manager has exposed me to the business side of healthcare. Knowing that I did not want to pursue graduate studies in nursing, it seemed only logical to follow a path that may help me become a better manager and business leader in my field.”

David took the step of applying to JBU, and now he’s about halfway through the program. He told us the application process was very quick, yet thorough. “I was told exactly what I needed to provide and when it was needed. I was very pleased.” Elizabeth Pulley, his admissions counselor, kept him updated on the progress of his application, so he always knew where he was in the process.

Why did David choose JBU? “Content was the overall deciding factor for me.” He liked the curriculum, as well as the Christ-centered education and atmosphere.

What he’s learning in the classroom is having a direct effect on David’s professional life. “As a manager, I influence my coworkers and team everyday. I have learned a great deal in this program already. I’ve learned that leadership is more than a word. It is a process that defines who a leader actually is. I have also been reminded of the importance of ethical decision making.”

David hopes to use his MBA to become a more effective manager within his company and position himself for advancement in the long term.

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