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Husband. Father. VP of Finance. JBU Student.

Monday, April 18, 2016

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Danie Swanepoel grew up in Bloemfontein, South Africa and moved to the U.S. in 2008 on a rugby scholarship from Arkansas State University. After graduating from ASU with a B.S. in Corporate Finance, he moved to Little Rock, where he worked as a bank auditor for DD&F Consulting Group for over three years.

Now Danie works as the VP of Finance at Splash Investment Group and is working toward his MBA at John Brown University. He also has a wife, Rachel, and an 18-month-old daughter named Eleanor Claire. Danie certainly keeps a busy schedule, but he has enjoyed his time at JBU and was happy to share his experience with us...

Why did you decide to pursue your MBA?
I’ve always had the desire to pursue a master’s degree, but when I graduated from ASU, I felt burned out with school and rugby, so I took a couple of years off. Around August of 2014, I started looking into several MBA programs in and around Little Rock. I had never heard of JBU, but my supervisor recommended it. After looking into the program and discovering what JBU stands for, I knew immediately that I wanted to pursue an MBA there. I started the MBA in January of 2015, and going through the program has cultivated growth in my spiritual, personal, and professional life. I am so extremely grateful that the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity and resources to attend this amazing institution.

Do you take most of your classes online or in person?
While I worked as a bank auditor, I travelled a great deal, which made the online classes appealing. However, since my current job doesn’t require any traveling, I prefer taking the classes in person. That being said, I have taken two classes online and the rest at the Little Rock campus. I plan on graduating this December.

What does a normal class session look like for you?
We meet at the JBU Little Rock center every Tuesday from 6-10 p.m. The class size usually consists of 10-16 individuals, which provides a great environment for individual attention, class discussions, and applying concepts to real life work situations. It’s also been very neat to get to know all of my classmates on a personal level.

What is the most interesting class you’ve had so far?
The most interesting class I've had thus far is Christian Foundations for Organizational Leadership with Dr. Kay Hardin. The reading material, class discussions, and Dr. Hardin’s experience with the subject matter was extremely informative, thought-provoking, and transformative.

How are you able to balance pursuing your master’s with working and building a family?
A lot of grace and grind!


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