Student Spotlight: Matt Tice

" I felt that JBU’s International Business MBA program would be a great avenue for building a foundation for global work."

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Matt Tice

Matt Tice is pursuing his MBA with a focus in International Business. He recently participated in Soderquist Leadership’s Milestone program and is expecting to graduate in May of 2016. Matt is a pretty exceptional person, so we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Here is what he had to say.


Q. Where are you from?
A. I grew up in a small Kansas town called Beloit. We didn't have a Walmart, but I did live very close to the World's Largest Ball of Twine!

Q. How did you get here?
AI had a great experience in JBU’s undergrad business program (Class of 2004). Upon graduation, I started working for Wrigley. Over the past 11 years, I have held various positions located in Salt Lake City, Raleigh, and Chicago. I intentionally held off on pursuing my MBA until I had a few years of career experience, and I happened to move back to NWA to work with Walmart when I felt the timing was right to go back to school. I was considering multiple options for my MBA, but my familiarity with JBU’s quality education from undergrad definitely made it stand out.

Q. What do you do now?
A. I continue to work for Wrigley as part of Walmart’s Front-End Advisor team. I am responsible for all the gum and mint product you pick up impulsively at Walmart’s checkouts. I work to drive category growth for Walmart by optimizing assortment, implementing shopper-focused shelving initiatives, and creating innovative solutions to drive incremental sales. I also have the pleasure of managing a couple of team members.

Tice Family

Q. Why did you decide to do your master’s?
A.  I have taken on a few international projects with Mars/Wrigley, and those experiences piqued my interest in pursuing a full-time international role at some point in my career. I felt that JBU’s International Business MBA program would be a great avenue for building a foundation for global work. Additionally, I decided to pursue my MBA after working with Wrigley for close to nine years. I viewed it as a great opportunity to brush up on business concepts from the perspective of the work I do every day.

Q. How do you like to spend your free time?
A. I love enjoying the beautiful Arkansas outdoors with my family, spending time with friends, running, listening to music, singing at church, and volunteering with the NWA Women’s Shelter. I also take every opportunity to travel!

Q. Are there any special talents in your family we should know about?
A. My family loves to sing together! My wife Noelle has an incredible soprano voice, and my son Landon sang his first solo at church right after he turned 3. Landon also enjoys watching me juggle…but I will not be joining Cirque Du Soleil anytime soon.

Q. Who are you learning from right now?
A. My JBU professors and fellow students! I have found my classes to be filled with students who provide great perspective to any subject matter based on their experiences. In addition to the students, JBU attracts professors with both academic and valuable real world experience. I’ve had multiple professors in the program with a background in retail or the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry. This results in the professors providing not only solid subject matter instruction, but more importantly, practical application for my job.

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