Guatemalan trip 'life changing'

"Every place we went and every person we came in contact with enhanced the learning experience"

Thursday, October 29, 2015



I waited two years for the opportunity to go to Guatemala as part of my MBA in Leadership and Ethics, and it was absolutely the grand finale of my program. I was not prepared for just how significant the classes I had taken to this point would play on my daily experiences during our stay. I found myself going beyond what I had read in a book, watched in a video, or heard in a lecture to actually see it being practiced and actually being able to serve others along the way. From real servant leadership in all facets of the supply chain to actually participating in serving others in the food program at the settlement, this trip had it all.

Every place we went and every person we came in contact with enhanced the learning experience. In every situation, we were given ample opportunity to go deeper with the individuals we were coming into contact with. Guatemala is not without its share of problems, but there is also a lot of inspiration to be found in its people, landscape, and resources. We stayed connected to most individuals we met either through email or Facebook. Being able exchange encouragement and support with the people who live in this beautiful country has only proved to enhance the personal experience.

And if you are looking for an amazing guide, Professor Walenciak not only offers incredible expertise, but was an inspiring mentor throughout our stay. His passion for this country and its people was evident from the very first class, and it never wavered. If you really want to get an understanding of how a past driven by a lack of leadership, civil war, and a government plagued by corruption can affect an entire country, this is absolutely the trip to take. However, this is a country that is working hard to not be defined by its past. Every day that passes gives new hope to a better future for all Guatemalans. The Internet and the availability of smartphones are changing things, and Guatemala is not immune to the effects of technology, both good and bad.

Overall, I would say that this trip was life-changing. I have gained both knowledge and confidence in the process and have the ability to apply it immediately to not only my professional life, but my personal life as well.

Mary Smith
MBA student

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