Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I began to rethink my career path after only one year of being out of school. Grad school had never been in the picture previously, but the idea of getting an MBA was looking more and more appealing as I searched for my next job.

For me, the motivation for getting an MBA was not to add another line to my resume. I was more interested in how it was going to prepare me to be a better individual and businessperson. When it came down to it, there are three main reasons why I chose to pursue an MBA:

  • Business Acumen – This might be stating the obvious, but I was drawn to an MBA because of the knowledge I could potentially gain. During my undergraduate studies, my business minor provided me with a very broad overview of business and the skills needed to do well in the business world. The MBA programs at JBU dive deeper into core business competencies, and I’m also able to focus on a niche interest of mine by choosing an MBA with an International Business emphasis.
  • Networking –The benefit to an executive-type MBA program is that you’re in class with people from across a variety of industries, all with unique backgrounds and expertise. Class discussions are enriched by the wealth of knowledge already in the room. As your cohort moves through the program, you have the opportunity to learn from and connect with other leaders on a deeper level than would come from traditional networking opportunities.
  • Grad Assistantship – Of equal importance to me in the search for an MBA program were the types of grad assistantships available – both for the purpose of financial assistance and work experience. I was lucky to find the Soderquist Fellowship – a two-year grad assistantship at the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics. Through the Fellowship, I’ve been able to gain relevant job experience and pursue a degree at the same time. The Soderquist Center also provides opportunities for professional development, which is especially valuable to me at this early stage in my career.

As for choosing to get an MBA sooner rather than later, I opted to knock it out while I’m still relatively in the habit of studying and doing homework. At the same time, several years of work under the belt can only help you do better in class. In the end, you’re never too old or too inexperienced to learn!

Ann Simmons

Ann Simmons
MBA, International Business ('16)

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