Monday, July 14, 2014

Dry fish marketKatie Tacito was one of the JBU MBA students who completed an international studies trip to China in June. This week, Katie will be serving as a guest blogger, sharing her experience of learning about the Chinese culture and economy.

Sunday, May 25Hong Kong

Our Chinese adventure began last night around 11 pm. However, due to almost 24 hours of travel and less than five hours of sleep, I am going to begin this journal discussing our first full day in Hong Kong.

We visited a Chinese temple, which was interesting and showed us how the Chinese people worship. The intense smell was pretty powerful, but kind of nice.

Next, we got some shopping time, where I had a lot of luck. I loved the time to shop and ended up buying a lot of items I could use throughout the trip. After shopping, we went to a dry seafood market, which was extremely interesting, but really bizarre.

The city was the most western of all the places we went. The night ended with a great view of the city and a good dinner. We were exhausted by the end!

(photo credit: Tom Verdery)


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