The Soderquist College of Business offers two graduate assistantship positions, which are described below. Before being considered for an assistantship, candidates must apply for admission to the Graduate Business programs through the JBU Graduate Admissions Office. Full award of an assistantship will not occur until all admission requirements have been met with the Graduate School.

The Graduate Business Assistantships include full tuition to pursue an MBA or MS degree at John Brown University, and an hourly wage for 35 hours of work per week for 44 weeks for the traditional Undergraduate Business or Graduate Business programs at John Brown University. Applicants must be enrolled as full-time graduate students and be available to work during regular business hours for a time period of no less than 35 hours per week during the time they are enrolled in graduate coursework. 

Applicants must show strong leadership skills and experience, personal initiative, flexibility and a keen willingness to learn by experience. Good academic standing and job performance must be consistently maintained to retain the fellowship into a second year.

Applications are not currently being accepted for the Graduate Business GA for Graduate Business Programs. Please check back periodically for open positions.

Graduate Business GA for Traditional Undergraduate Business Programs

Position summary: The Graduate Assistant will provide direct support for the Instructor of the Undergraduate Business Strategic Management capstone course.  This person will manage ongoing communication with the Business Advisory Board, assist in the review of student developed business plans, and organize participation in the Reynolds Governor’s Cup Competition.  Further responsibilities may include marketing to incoming Business students, managing Major Career Fair events, facilitating learning activities in the classroom, evaluating course assignments, and planning course related experiences all aimed at helping students in the course develop professional business plans.

Applications for this position are not being accepted at this time.

Graduate Business GA for Graduate Business Programs

Position summary: The GA for Graduate Business Programs will help develop and implement programs and events for Graduate Business Programs as well as perform additional duties as assigned.  Work is primarily directed to supporting graduate studies and operations. The GA is empowered by Graduate Business Programs to accomplish his or her duties and to work under the authority of and in cooperation with the Director of Graduate Business Programs. This individual provides organization, effective communication and multitasking, and is a detail-oriented team player. 

Applications are being accepted at this time from Graduate Counseling and Graduate Education students only.  Please visit here to apply.





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