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Student Services

Scholarships, Assistantships and Fellowships

A limited number of graduate assistantships, scholarships and/or fellowships are available each academic year to eligible applicants.  Applicants for all programs must have completed the application process and be officially admitted into a graduate program at JBU.  For more information, click here: Fellowships and Assistantships

Services for Students with Disabilities

The Director of Student Support Services works with students and instructors to arrange appropriate assistance in learning and physical access. Students having documented disabilities are encouraged to contact the Director, Mr. Jarrod Heathcote,, or 479-524-7464.  The Office of Academic Assistance and Student Support Services is located on the Siloam Springs campus, 2000 W. University Street, Siloam Springs, AR  72761 in the Learning Resource Center (LRC).

JBU Campus Bookstore

  • Located on the JBU campus in the Walker Student Center
  • Open 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday
  • Open Saturdays only during special events on campus (i.e. Homecoming, Commencement, etc.)
  • Books can be ordered through the JBU bookstore by clicking here:
  • The bookstore contact if you have questions or need assistance or (479) 524-7195

Student Financial Services

Student Financial and Cashiering Services manage the billing and collections of student accounts. For questions regarding student account processes or to contact the graduate student account representative, visit Student Account Services.

To understand how to make payments please go to: Student Accounts Videos

Financial Aid Office

This office is the source of information concerning financial aid. Students having a problem with finances or questions related to financial aid should talk with the financial services specialist or any member of the financial aid staff. The toll-free number is (888) 849-3503 or (479) 524-7102.

Participation in Undergraduate Campus Events

Graduate students are full members of the JBU community and are encouraged to participate in campus events and activities.  However, some campus events are supported in whole or in part by the General Fee paid each semester by all traditional undergraduate students in addition to their tuition.  Therefore, since graduate students do not pay the undergraduate General Fee, graduate students may not be eligible to participate in some undergraduate activities or receive the undergraduate student discount at some events.

Health Services

TB Documentation:  Due to an Arkansas Law, Act 96 of 1913, John Brown University must require all incoming students who were born or have lived for longer than 6 months in countries where Tuberculosis is endemic to show documentation of a negative TB skin test (done within six months of the school term) or documentation of a negative chest x-ray and treatment if TB skin test was positive. If you have not completed one of these forms, please contact the Graduate Studies Office.

MMR Documentation: The Arkansas Department of Health requires John Brown University to document that incoming graduate students have met the state’s requirement of having received one (2) doses of the MMR vaccination. In order to be compliant, a record of the student’s MMR immunization needs to be provided.  There are four types of acceptable records, showing the date the MMR was received:  1) a doctor’s record signed by a physician, 2) school immunization records, 3) military immunization records, or 4) a record from the state’s health department.  This needs to be received within thirty (30) days after your acceptance into a graduate program.  Previous JBU students may already have records in place, please confirm this with the nurses’ office at 479-524-7320 or

Possible exemptions to presenting a record of these immunizations include the following.  A student born prior to 1957 is automatically exempt.  A student can apply for a medical, religious, or philosophical exemption from the Arkansas Department of Health.  It is preferred that students email the Arkansas

Department of Health at for the forms.  This process must be done annually before the fall semester.  A copy of the “letter of exemption” must be sent to JBU’s Health Services each year.  There is a good deal of paperwork associated with these exemptions.  A student filing for an exemption may ask the state to issue a letter stating that they are in process of filing for an exemption. John Brown University can hold that in our records until the exemption is official. 

If a student does not follow through with providing acceptable documentation of MMR immunization records or exemption, a hold will be placed on the student account and that student will be unable to register for courses for future semesters until the records are received and approved.

Subsidized Counseling Services

Enrolled graduate students in the Fort Smith or Little Rock areas in need of subsidized counseling services may email or call 479-524-7259 for more information.

Those graduate students enrolled in Northwest Arkansas have access to the JBU Student Counseling Center on the main campus in Siloam Springs.  Appointments can be requested by email or by calling 479-524-7251.

Parking Sticker

Graduate students attending classes on JBU’s Siloam Springs campus or visiting regularly need parking stickers. Graduate students will not be charged for this sticker.  You can obtain one by registering online on the Campus Safety webpage: Campus Safety

If you do not go to the Siloam Springs campus regularly but need to visit for any reason between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., you will need to request a temporary parking permit from the administrative assistant in your graduate program department. The administrative assistant will email you a temporary permit that you will print and display on your dash to avoid citation.

Walton Lifetime Health Complex

Contact the WLHC at (479) 524-7311 regarding services and guidelines; or visit it on the web: WLHC   

Graduate students need only show their ID.  Family members over age 14 may get their own Health Complex ID cards by contacting the WLHC at (479) 524-7311.

Facilities and Classroom Locations

Siloam Springs Campus: Counseling Education Center, Learning Resource Center (LRC), Soderquist Business Center (SBC), Walker Student Center (WSC), and other campus buildings:

2000 West University Street
Siloam Springs, AR 72761

The Rogers Center:
2807 Ajax Avenue, Suite 200
Rogers, AR 72758

Counseling Education Center at Little Rock:
10816 Executive Center Drive, Suite 100
Little Rock, AR 72211

JBU Library Services

For more information, visit the JBU Library Services website.
Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

The mission of Information Technology Services is to support the mission of John Brown University by serving the dynamic technology needs of the University community. 

Information Technology Services (ITS) oversees university technology systems, including Application Services, AVL (Audio, Video, and Lighting), Client Services, Network Services, and Technical Services.  The ITS Help Desk is the most appropriate contact point for requests or questions related to any of these services.  

The ITS Help Desk, located in the Learning Resource Center, may be reached through phone or text at 479.524.7256 or via email at  The Help Desk self-service portal is available at

Copiers and Printers

Networked copiers on campus allow for printing, scanning, and copying at several centralized locations. 

To print, sign in at the Cloud Print web site (, upload your documents, and choose a campus copier/printer where you would like to pick up your materials.  The documents wait to print until you arrive at the printer and scan with your JBU ID card. There are numerous Cloud Print stations around the main Siloam Springs campus, as well as at the Rogers and Little Rock sites.  There is a nominal charge for use of the copiers/printers.

Computing Services

To provide for the computing needs of all JBU students, Information Technology Services (ITS) operates a number of general and special-purpose computer labs. These labs provide access to internet resources and are configured with software for academic work, course-specific applications, and more.  There is one general-purpose computer lab (open all day and evening M-F and on Saturday and Sunday) located in the Library on the main campus in Siloam Springs.  There are also labs available at the site locations in Rogers and Little Rock. 

Each student is assigned a network account and an email address along with file space on the network for storing academic work. You can access your email and network files from any lab computer, from your personal computer on campus via the residential network, or from home via the Internet.

Wireless Network

Wireless access is available via JBU credentials in all buildings on the main Siloam Springs campus, as well as at each site location in Rogers and Little Rock.  

Media Lab Services

The ITS Media Lab is located in the Learning Resource Center (LRC 155) and is a creative lab open to all students, faculty, and staff at JBU to work on academic and co-curricular projects.  Supplies for sale include construction paper, poster board, roll paper, lamination film, report binding materials, folders, clasp envelopes, etc.  The Media Lab also provides check-out equipment, such as digital cameras, LCD projectors, amplifiers, DVD players, and more. 

Minimum System Recommendations

Operating Systems:         Windows 10 or Mac OS X.11 (El Capitan) or newer

Processor (CPU):             Intel Core i5 (sixth generation or newer) or equivalent

Memory:                        8 GB RAM

Storage:                         500 GB internal storage drive

Network Adapter:            802.11ac 2.4/5 GHz wireless adapter

Software:                       Microsoft Office 2016 or newer (Office 365 is available free to all JBU students)

                                     Adobe Acrobat Reader (or equivalent) 

For more information, contact at or call/text 479-524-7256.  More details are also available at

The Acceptable Use Policy is available to review at .

Career Resources

The JBU Career Development Center is available to provide assistance in job transitions through career counseling, editing resumes, occupational testing, mock interviews and assisting you in the use of general career tools.  For more information, click here: Career Resources

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