Graduate Student Guide - Expectations

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Student Expectations

The mission of John Brown University is to provide a Christ-centered education that prepares people to honor God and serve others by developing their intellectual, spiritual, and professional lives. JBU encourages all of its students to live by Christian commitments as articulated in scripture, including, for example, practicing kindness, stewardship, fidelity in marriage, chastity in singleness, forgiveness, reconciliation, and self-control and refraining from dishonesty, obscene language, pornography, and abuse of alcohol and other substances. However, JBU also recognizes that students in its graduate or online degree programs are adults, and are, therefore, responsible for their own choices about moral behavior. Accordingly, JBU requests from each student exclusively enrolled in graduate school or online degree program a sympathetic appreciation of, if not adherence to, JBU's Christian commitments. JBU reserves the right to address persistent behavior or advocacy in conflict with these Christian commitments that unduly disrupts the learning of other members of the JBU community.

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