Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, Nov. 29 is Giving Tuesday

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 Giving Tuesday



Giving TuesdayMikayla Pruett, '20

JBU freshman Mikayla Pruett fell in love with JBU’s campus as a high school freshman while visiting the school in the rain and sleet for a national speech and debate tournament. But Pruett knew attending a private university may not be an option for her family financially. She applied for every outside scholarship she could, but it still wasn’t enough.

Despite missing her presentation because of food poisoning, Mikayla received a JBU art scholarship to help her pursue her dream of earning a degree in graphic design. 

“I realized that everything I had received, every step of the way, was by the grace of God,” Mikayla said. “I am so thankful that He has provided the way for me to be here, and I hope that by His grace I will be able to continue my education at JBU for the next three years.​”

Giving TuesdayJessica Jansma, '19

JBU sophomore Jessica Jansma was born and raised as a missionary kid in Brazil. Ever since Jansma was a little girl, she has had a heart for orphans and dreamed of studying at a university in the U.S. and learning skills that would allow her to better help children without families around the world. After her family of eight decided to adopt a sibling group of six from Brazil during her sophomore year of high school, Jansma’s dream of impacting the lives of orphans became a reality. Though her family’s adoption was a helpful learning experience in living alongside children who had experienced trauma, abandonment and neglect, Jansma needed to attend a university that would teach her skills and methods of working with orphans.

“Though my parents would have loved to be able to assist me financially, they discovered soon after the adoption that 12 children are not really ‘Cheaper by the Dozen,’” said Jansma. Through academic and needs-based scholarships, God provided the money for Jansma to study at JBU where professors instill in her a greater desire to help the hurting, show her what living a life of empathy looks like and provide an education from a global Christ-centered perspective.

“I am amazed at how God has provided for me through scholarship gifts from people across the U.S. and the world,” Jansma said. “Your gifts have not only blessed my life tremendously but are also blessing orphans who I might one day be able to reach.”


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Giving Tuesday

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