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Tuesday, Nov. 28 was #GivingTuesday at JBU!

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Giving Tuesday



Giving TuesdayNiklas Derungs, '19

Junior construction management major Niklas Derungs had never been to JBU campus before the New Student Orientation began. Coming from Switzerland, he feared and anticipated the JBU environment, his future peers and his major courses. Two years in, he has witnessed how God has worked in his life through this university.

Being a part of the Construction Management Ethics Team, Derungs was one of five construction management students that competed nationally to creatively and ethically solve unethical situations that may arise in the construction industry. In the finals, Derungs felt well prepared as he applied his classroom knowledge to a real-world situation. But most importantly, Derungs was glad that he and his team were able to portray Christ while doing so.

At JBU, Derungs knows that he can always look to his JBU peers for support and encouragement. Blessed with great friends, amazing professors, challenging academics and spiritual growth, Derungs wouldn’t trade his college experience for anything else.

"As I anticipate the next two years here, I'm reminded of the continued support of generous donors. Thank you for allowing me to fully enjoy the experience at this great university."

Giving TuesdayRebekah Dover, '20

Rebekah Dover had always held a sentimental connection with JBU because her parents met at and graduated from JBU, her brother attended JBU for graphic design and Dover has lived in Northwest Arkansas her whole life. Dover thought illustration would be a perfect combination for her passions for art and storytelling. Dover knew that JBU had a strong art curriculum and after visiting campus where she sat in on classes and saw a few students’ work, she knew JBU would be a good fit.

Dover decided to commute from home to save money on room and board. But with no funds saved, no bank account and not wanting to burden her parents with her loans, Dover felt there was no way around getting into debt.

Blessed to receive several state-awarded scholarships and a few federal loans, Dover worked hard to develop a strong art portfolio. Because of that portfolio, JBU awarded her a large art scholarship that reduced the amount of loans needed. God continues to put the pieces into place for Dover as a JBU student.

"I'm thankful to God for providing crucial scholarships that have allowed me to pursue my gifts and to the amazing, generous donors who have supplied the funds that made college a reality for me and so many others."

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Giving Tuesday

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