Answers to some common questions about the JBUSF

What is the JBU Scholarship Fund (JBUSF)?
JBU’s annual fund has been around for many decades and has been called a variety of names. The JBUSF provides need-based scholarships and work-study jobs to students each year. The current goal for the JBUSF is $800,000.

What is the average JBUSF award per student each year?

Why does JBU ask for gifts to the JBUSF throughout the year?
JBU remains committed to helping students receive financial aid. The JBUSF is a key component, providing need-based scholarships and work-study jobs to students. Each July 1, a new fiscal year begins and the $800,000 JBUSF goal starts over. University Advancement seeks gifts throughout the year knowing that JBU supporters prefer to give at different times of the year.

How many traditional undergraduate students benefit each year from the JBUSF?
Approximately 548 students benefit from generous support to the JBUSF each year.

What is another option if I want to support JBU’s general needs instead of the JBUSF?
For those who want to support the annual needs of the University but do not want to give to the JBUSF, the University Fund helps offset operating costs and provides educational equipment.