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J. Alvin Story Contest: WINNER

"It was 1995 and I was serving as the University's PR photographer. My buddies James Prather, Travis Blevins, Christopher Donato, Brian Marshall, Cole Smith, Jacob Miliken, Eric Jaeger, Brady Cline and I decided that it would be fun to take a "FRESHMAN PHOTO".

So for several days I announced that on the following Monday all Freshmen were required to be at the entrance to J-alvin for the Freshman Class Photo. Coupled with some flyers posted around campus, we were able to entice about 50 of these poor unsuspecting kids to line up just below the J-Alvin balcony. Many of the people being photographed had gotten gussied up and were smiling proudly before the camera. I counted to three and allowed my camera to take a sequence of shots.

The story they tell is priceless.

In the first shot the freshmen are all smiling for the camera while above them heads begin to emerge from behind the balcony wall. Then one photo after the other, the hiding assailants appear from above brandishing large garbage cans full of water. The stop motion photography shows the water in mid air followed by the complete dousing and proper welcome to the new JBU Freshmen." - Joshua Swenson '97

J. Alvin Story Contest: Honorable Mention

"As I returned from a restful Christmas break, my roommate and I had just turned off the lights, and were sitting in the dark talking... All of a sudden, I hear a rustling outside of my door. Immediately, the suite lights are killed. My door swings open, as three masked men carrying a large container, slide the lid off and toss whatever was inside across the floor next to my bed and desk. In the pitch black, they scurried out before I even had a second to yell.

A few seconds pass by as we are paralyzed with fear of what could possibly have been released into our room. I hear more rustling as we turn on our phone lights to see a HUGE duck waddling quickly towards our beds.

I scream and begin building a makeshift blanket and pillow fort, as my roommate, safely on the top bunk, laughs hysterically at my reaction. The three masked men had been recipients of my pranking, and had nabbed one of those big ol' turkey ducks from sager creek.

As it pooped all over the carpet, more suite-mates came into see the commotion. They tried unsuccessfully to trap the monster under a laundry hamper, but it would not fit, and it was agitated by the attempt. It charged the door and ran them out. Another suite mate Cassidy G., came into the room, braved the monster, picked it up by the neck and escorted it out of the building.

Needless to say, we are grateful as we almost lost our lives that night, and Cassidy earned the title of "The Quacksicutioner" for the year. J ALVIN RULES!" - Andrew Layden '13

More stories:

> "In February 1983, we set up up a large screen in between the two wings of J. Alvin to watch the last show of MASH. It was cold, but a large crowd showed up to watch the final episode." - William '83

> "George B. and I were roomies I remember that. During our Sophomore year, George were the emcees of the Sophomore Class Assembly. J. Alvin Men

Several days before the show, I had told George a silly little joke. And the night of the show, as he and I stood together doing our double-emcee-funny stuff, George began to retell it to the assembled students and faculty. As he began to relate it, I nudged him and whispered, "no". But he was in it, and no turning back.

THE JOKE: "Little boy and girl were playing hide and seek. Little girl ran around the corner and the little boy jumped out and said, 'boo'! 'Oh', the little girl cried, 'You almost scared the pants off me!' The little boy then said, 'boo, boo, boo, boo!'"

There was the beginning of laughter from the audience, and then a collective gasp, and then, utter silence. For a long time after that, George was called, Boo-Boo-B." - Charles '50s

> "Coach Crowder was the Dean and stationed himself at the front desk checking haircuts. The rule in 1967-1970 was that hair could not touch your collar and definitely no sideburns below mid-ear. Oh, and absolutely no facial hair. This changed in 1969. He caught one of the men (he remains unnamed but you can see the photo in the yearbook) and gave him a warning. He went to the balcony for suite 25...and an unnamed student barber gave him a beautiful Mohawk." - Eric '78

> In 2008, construction management students built a slide that went from the third floor balcony to the atrium floor. Every resident was allowed to go down it once. After being challenged by the students, president Chip Pollard decided to take the plunge himself.

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