Ralph and Lucy Kennedy Legacy Endowed Scholarship

Current Endowed Scholarships

Type: Endowed

Donor: Arthur and Ann Kennedy; Phil and Kendra Kennedy; Friends and family

Established: 1998

Ralph and Lucy Kennedy spent most of their lives together as part of the John Brown University family, but Ralph’s association began before their marriage. In the late thirties, Mrs. Holzwarth, a California rancher who admired John Brown and his evangelistic message, told Ralph that she would pay for Ralph’s college tuition – but he had to go to “this little school in Arkansas.” Ralph went, stayed in college until he graduated and then joined the navy. He returned to Siloam Springs after WWII with his wife, Lucy, and their first son. The rest of Ralph and Lucy’s eight children were born in Siloam Springs. Six of them attended JBU. Ralph served at JBU in both faculty and staff positions until his retirement in 1986. In tribute to Ralph and Lucy Kennedy, and in a continuation of the giving legacy of Mrs. Holzwarth, whose generosity made Ralph’s education at John Brown University possible, this scholarship is dedicated to students who would otherwise have difficulty going to college.

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