Dale Davis Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Current Endowed Scholarships

Type: Endowed

W. Henry and Ernestine Craig Davis
Francene Davis Sharp

Established: 1967

W. Henry and Ernestine Davis and Francene Davis Sharp created this scholarship in memory of Ernestine and Henry’s son and Francene’s brother, Dale, who was a senior business major at JBU.  Dale began the JBU Pep Band and was the drummer.  He organized the musical group “Shantels”, performing around the area.

He was a hard and diligent worker, and began a sign painting company in Siloam Springs.  In Bentonville, “Don (Booth) and Dale”, piano/drums duo won first prize in a competition ($10).  They gave the prize money to the 2nd-place winners, a family of singing children.

Dale and his guitarist, Daniel Sanderson, were killed in an accident on old Hwy. 33, as the band was returning from Tahlequah, OK in 1967.  Dale was also a volunteer with the Siloam Springs Fire Department.

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