J. Alvin and Mabel Brown Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Current Endowed Scholarships

Type: Endowed

Jerome Elward and Grace Klopfenstein Brown
Mrs. J. Alvin (Mabel) Brown
Mrs. James (Ruth) Brown

Established: 1984

J. Alvin was the brother of John Brown University's founder, John E. Brown Sr. When the founder purchased the land where the university is located, Alvin and his wife, Mabel, moved from Iowa to manage the farm. They lived on campus in Sager cabin for about ten years. The university had the first registered jersey herd in Arkansas, and Alvin ran the dairy. Alvin also helped his brother with fundraising for the university, and Mabel served in several ways, acting often as a “housemother” for the students. Years later Alvin and Mabel moved to southern California to lead the fundraising and development work of the Brown schools, military academy and radio station. J. Alvin and Mabel had 2 sons, James and Jerome Elward Brown. The present J. Alvin dorm, named in Alvin’s honor, was the first permanent building on the campus.

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