Lewellen Ultimate Frisbee Endowed Scholarship

Herschend Family Foundation

Type: Endowed


Herschend Family Foundation

Established: 2021

The Lewellen Ultimate Frisbee Endowed Scholarship was established by a private family foundation to support full-time students at JBU who are active members of the ultimate frisbee team. For many years, JBU’s ultimate frisbee team has exemplified honoring Christ through every aspect of life both on and off the field, embodying JBU’s mantra “Head, Heart, Hand.” The team is student-led and continues to encourage spiritual and leadership development for the betterment of both the team and the JBU community. In competition, the team pursues excellence in game-play with an emphasis to demonstrate Christ-like attitudes, serving as a powerful testimony to how a relationship with God permeates throughout life as a student athlete. It is the donor’s belief that participation on the ultimate frisbee team will continue to positively impact the physical, spiritual, and interpersonal growth of future JBU students.