Allen Dickason Engineering Endowed Scholarship

Allen Dickason

Type: Endowed


Allen Dickason

Established: 2019

The Allen Dickason Engineering Endowed Scholarship was created by Allen Dickason to provide scholarship assistance to engineering students who understand the effort required and enjoyment received from solving problems.

Allen graduated from JBU in 1961 with a degree in electrical engineering.  He thanks the Lord for leading him to JBU and for the Christian education he received under the teaching of professors like Jim Pearson, Cecil Smith, Fred Olney, Dr. Dearborn, Dr. Pickel, Dr. Smith and Dr. Cox.  Allen believes that the Lord worked through these professors to prepare him for the future.  During his career, Allen worked on the 707 and 777 airliners, space shuttle and various classified projects.  He also helped design, build and oversee projects on mission stations in various parts of the world. His guiding Bible passage is Matthew 28:19-20. Allen would like to challenge each scholarship recipient to accept that God has a plan for their life.