Kitchen Family Endowed Scholarship

Bill and Jody Kitchen

Type: Endowed


Bill and Jody Kitchen

Established: 2018

Kitchen family siblings, Bill Jr., Eric, Renee, and John have chosen to honor their parents, William (Bill) and Rosemary (Rosie) Kitchen through the Kitchen Family Endowed Scholarship. Bill and Rosie’s legacy of love for one another and devotion to Christ began when they met at JBU. Bill and Rosie were direct beneficiaries of John Brown Sr.’s vision to provide a Christ-centered college education to those who could not otherwise afford to attend college. To help pay their tuition, Bill worked as a JBU night watchman and Rosie as a librarian assistant. Rosie earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 1952. A few years later, after completing a tour of duty in Korea with the U.S. Army, Bill earned a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education. All four of Bill and Rosie’s children, along with grandchildren Jill (Kitchen) Van Hofwegen (Bill Jr. and Jody’s daughter) and Emma Kitchen (John and Pam’s daughter) attended JBU. The Kitchen family is grateful for the founder’s commitment to Christ Over All and the “can-do” resolve of helping others achieve a Christ-centered education. The family created this scholarship to express their gratitude and to give back with the hope that recipients will, in the future, choose to give back as well.