Joe M. Zimmerman Memorial Endowed Piano Scholarship

Estate of Joe Zimmerman

Type: Endowed


Estate of Joe Zimmerman

Established: 2018

After graduating from JBU in 1952 with a Bachelor of Music, Joe Zimmerman began working toward a Master of Music degree at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in the Fall of 1952.  He received the degree in the spring of 1954. 

Then, Joe joined the U.S. Army and was assigned as a Chaplain’s Assistant doing such things as typing reports and church bulletins, playing the organ for church services and driving the jeep to take the Chaplain on maneuvers with the troops. Joe’s experience in the military was good and his veteran’s benefits were helpful while he was working on his Ph.D. from Indiana University. Upon discharge from the Army in 1956, he began teaching music at JBU.

During his teaching career he teamed up with friend, colleague, and former classmate Ruth Smith-Ronan `52.  Ruth and Joe performed a Two-Piano Recital every two years.  He retired from JBU in 1996.  After retirement, Joe completed a three-year course of study in London that certified him as a teacher of the Alexander Technique.  One of the most rewarding activities in his retirement was learning to play the cello. During retirement, Joe enjoyed recreational activities such as ballroom dancing and ice skating. Joe passed away in 2018.