Engineering Excellence Endowed Scholarship

Thomas and Dorothy McCaw

Type: Endowed

Donor: Thomas and Dorothy McCaw

Established: 1991

Mr. McCaw attended JBU for one semester right before the start of World War II. Even though his stay at the University was short he left with lasting memories.  Mr. McCaw worked for one year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute while finishing his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering degree.  He completed one semester of graduate work at MIT, then moved to Indiana to work for the Fairfield Manufacturing Company Inc., as a sales engineer and retired after 35 years as president.  He has said about his time at Fairfield, “In my 35 years’ experience from Sales Engineer to President of Fairfield Manufacturing Co., I was impressed many times with the need for EXCELLENCE in all areas of human endeavor and particularly in product design, manufacturing methods, human relations and all other elements effecting the success or failure of product manufacturing.”  The need for engineering excellence was also apparent to him at Fairfield.  When reflecting on his time at Fairfield he said, “I saw numerous examples of disastrous developments that were innovative, but total failures because of the lack of engineering excellence.”  These experiences inspired him to create a fund that would allow students to pursue engineering excellence at JBU.  Thomas passed away in 2005 and Dorothy in 2015.