Teague-Twitchel Education Legacy Endowed Scholarship

David and Bernadine Teague

Type: Endowed

Donor: David and Bernadine Teague

Established: 2013

This scholarship was created as an expression of David and Bernadine Teague’s appreciation and esteem of the wonderful teachers who have taught them over the years, as well as the members of both the Teague and Twitchel families who have chosen to serve their communities in the field of education.

A strong foundation for David's education was built by his 1st thru 4th grade teacher in a small two-room rural school.  She was a woman who loved her students deeply and gave about 30 years of her life to the students.  Later, his Aunt Effie, who loved her work and her family and never gave up, made an indelible impression on his life.  She worked her way through college during the Great Depression.  When she lost her husband, her children were still teenagers. In order to provide for them she moved from the farm to the big city and created a new life for her family.  As a teacher, she had a tremendous impact on both her students and the City's educational system.  David's uncle and sister were also teachers.

Bernadine has numerous cousins that were teachers and principals.  They all worked hard to earn their educations and later to prepare their students for life.    The Teagues know that teaching can be both a rewarding and thankless job, but it is essential for the future prosperity of the country.  The Teagues express their thankfulness to all scholarship recipients for striving to prepare for a life of service, and their prayer is that this scholarship will have a lasting impact on the lives of those who receive it.