Leland and Ireane Stratton Endowed Scholarship

Leland and Ireane Stratton

Type: Endowed

Donor: Leland and Ireane Stratton

Established: 2009

Ireane is a 1937 graduate of JBU.  She studied at JBU from the fourth grade (when JBU had a school for staff children) through four years of college.  Ireane taught Home Economics in Detroit for a time, at the Brown School for Girls in Glendora, CA, and at JBU during WWII.  Leland was the ninth of twelve children.  His father had diabetes and was blind by the time Leland was a teenager.  Leland helped support the family by running his own gas station before he graduated from high school.  Ireane was a Home Demonstration Agent during the Depression.  The government had a farm loan program, and Ireane’s job was to teach the wives of farmers who had loans how to cook and manage their finances.  Her office was across the street from Leland’s gas station, and that is how they met. Leland and Ireane married February 27, 1942. Leland and Ireane have three children: Lois, Marilyn and Wendell.

Leland and Ireane owned the Stratton Seed Company which was recognized in 1988 by the mayor of Stuttgart by proclaiming February 2, 1988 as Leland Stratton Day.  The company celebrated 40 years of operations in 1988.

Leland Stratton always valued higher education although he was not able to attend himself.  He made sure his children attended college and he and Ireane helped many others attend John Brown University as well as Ouachita Baptist University and Williams Baptist College. Leland passed away in 2010 and Ireane passed away in 2011.