Carrie Sliger Endowed Scholarship

Estate of Carrie Sliger

Type: Endowed

Donor: Estate of Carrie Sliger

Established: 2009

This scholarship was created by an estate gift from Carrie B. Sliger.  Carrie grew up near Palestine, TX, and lost her mother when she was 2 years old and her father when she was 18 years old.  Carrie was one of 10 children, 9 of which preceded her in death.  She approached a bank to borrow $50 so that she could attend JBU.  The banker thought for a while and then gave her the money to attend JBU as a gift, not as a loan.  Carrie attended JBU high school and came to college at JBU and graduated in 1935 with a 2- year degree (all that JBU offered at the time).  One of Carrie’s greatest memories of John Brown University is sitting at the Founder’s feet in the California Dorm lobby.  She accepted the Lord there in front of the fireplace.  The title of his talk was “Nothing but Leaves.”

Carrie later earned a Masters Degree in Education in Tempe, Arizona.  She taught 2nd grade for 4 years in Oklahoma and then taught in the Andalucía Independent School District in Phoenix from which she retired after more than 40 years of teaching.  She lived in the Phoenix neighborhood where she taught and was known around the community by the families as “Ms. Sliger, the 2nd grade teacher who cared deeply for students.”  Carrie created this scholarship to help other qualified students with financial need as she was helped.