John H. Panage Endowed English Scholarship

Ed Nichols Gary and Mary Ann Guinn

Type: Endowed

Ed Nichols
Gary and Mary Ann Guinn

Established: 1985

This scholarship was created to honor Dr. John H. Panage.  As a native of Cyprus, Panage lived and worked for 35 years as a professor of English at JBU.  His journal was published, The Panage Papers—From Cyprus to the Ozarks 1942-1955.  The book describes with wit and charm the lives of his college students and his colleagues, but he also discussed the monumental problems within the world needed to bring about lasting peace and global community.  This realistic piece of literature also relates with passion John’s struggle to become the author of a great masterpiece and to master the written and spoken English language. In this work, he offers much sage advice to the readers who will undertake this journey with him.