Netherton/Culberson Endowed Science Scholarship

Lee and Nancy Netherton Roger and Eileen Culberson Doris Culberson

Type: Endowed

Lee and Nancy Netherton
Roger and Eileen Culberson
Doris Culberson

Established: 2002

This scholarship was created by Doris Culberson, Dr. Lee Netherton’s mother-in-law.  Doris Culberson wrote:  "John Brown University has been very important to our family throughout the years.  We have had six family members receive degrees from JBU.  My son-in-law, Lee Netherton, has spent most of his career teaching in the science department and my daughter, Nancy Netherton, has spent most of her career being involved in the music department.  We are glad that God has given us the opportunity to give back to the Lord's work."

Dr. Netherton began his service at JBU in 1969, completing his Ph.D. in organic chemistry in 1977 from the University of Arkansas.   He was Chair of the Division of Natural Science from 1986 to 1997.  Dr. Netherton was selected as the JBU Teacher of the Year in 1980 and 1994, the JBU Outstanding Alumnus in 1990 and was awarded the Faculty Excellence Award in 2005.  He was consistently evaluated by the students as one of the top teachers at JBU.  Dr. Netherton taught in the K-4 Science Crusade for the Arkansas State Department of Higher Education for six years and presented numerous science workshops in the elementary schools throughout this area.  He served on many faculty committees in his 36 years at JBU, including the Core Curriculum Committee, the Professional Development Schools Advisory Committee, and the Admissions-Financial Aid Committee.  He was a sponsor of the Student Government Association for several years and volunteered as score keeper at the Golden Eagle basketball games most of his 36 years at JBU.

Lee and his wife Nancy have two children, Renee and Rob.  The Nethertons were married for over 50 years. Lee passed away in 2019.