Larry Meyer (Eugene Moore) Endowed Scholarship

Larry and Adeline Meyer

Type: Endowed

Donor: Larry and Adeline Meyer

Established: 2000

In the fall of 1931, Larry Meyer was 15 years old and going by the name of Eugene Moore (using his step-dad’s last name).  His mother heard John Brown Sr. on the radio recruiting students in Southern California for his schools in Arkansas.  The cost was $50 per month, which covered tuition, room and board.  Larry’s mother applied for a payment plan of $25 per month (the balance to be paid later in life).  Larry applied to JBU, was accepted, and enrolled in the spring of 1932.  That following summer, Larry’s mother wrote and sent $5 telling him not to come home because California was experiencing a depression.  However, Larry wanted to go home so he sold his books, two blue shirts and overalls for $7.  It took him five days to get home to Los Angeles, making it on $3.50.  Now financially able, Larry and his wife Adeline created this scholarship to honor the commitment to John Brown School that his mother made for him sixty-eight years ago. Larry passed away in 2008.