John and Judy McCullough Endowed Business Scholarship

John and Judy McCullough

Type: Endowed

Donor: John and Judy McCullough

Established: 2007

John and Judy McCullough have been a part of the JBU community since 1974.  John has been a part of John Brown University’s business faculty for 30 years.  Their children are the fourth generation of Judy’s family to be on campus.  Judy’s grandparents came to JBU in 1935 at the invitation of John Brown Sr.  Judy’s mom grew up on campus where she met her husband Dick McCartney.  Judy was born in the college infirmary and while attending JBU met John.  They were married in 1973.  Their children have also grown up on campus and have attended JBU.  Throughout their time at JBU, John and Judy have had a strong interest in international students.  They have had many students live in their home while attending JBU.