Dorothy Jelley Leadership Endowed Scholarship

Estate of Dorothy Jelley

Type: Endowed

Donor: Estate of Dorothy Jelley

Established: 2008

Dorothy Evelyn Jelley began her quite remarkable life in England on October 12, 1914. As a young woman, she joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS), during WWII. She was in charge of a kitchen that provided food for the servicemen and women. After the war, a friend persuaded Dorothy to join her in emigrating to Canada. Dorothy said she made her decision more or less on the spur of the moment and accompanied her friend. Things were difficult in England after the War, and Dorothy thought Canada might be better. After her arrival, she discovered that she had Tuberculosis and spent time in a sanitarium to recover. While there, she enrolled in bookkeeping classes and became so proficient that she was hired by the sanitarium to do its bookkeeping.

Later, she immigrated to the U.S., became a U.S. citizen and worked for a businessman in Washington, D.C. She later moved to Long Beach, California where she worked as the chief bookkeeper for a firm in Los Angeles. She was very interested in Missions and Bible study.

Although she was colorblind, she became accomplished in needlework, both sewing and embroidery. She made several trips back to England to visit friends and family. A trip to Australia was one dream that went unfulfilled. She was a faithful Christian, full of kindness, warmth and humor and always with a glint of mischief in her eyes. Dorothy believed that “anything worth doing was worth doing well.”  Dorothy was never able to visit the campus and her only connection was the radio ministry of JBU’s founder, Dr. John Brown Sr.