Joe and Elva Holcomb Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Beverly Holcomb

Type: Endowed

Donor: Dr. Beverly Holcomb

Established: 2006

The Joe and Elva Holcomb Memorial Endowed Scholarship was created in honor and memory of Joe and Elva Holcomb.  The Holcombs raised five children in Northwest Arkansas during the Great Depression.  Consequently, they were unable to provide the financial support for their children to attend college.  However, they encouraged their children to pursue higher education by emphasizing college as being a very important achievement that would aid in their future successes.  The middle child, Beverly Holcomb, decided to attend John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR.  She was able to enroll at JBU because of her High School Valedictorian Scholarship along with the income she earned from working on campus for 30 hours a week in the work-study program.  She later received the JBU Department of Bible Academic Scholarship.  This scholarship along with the financial assistance awarded from the work-study program provided for her senior year.  During her college breaks, she taught in a rural one-room school for all 8 grades to save money for college expenses.

Upon graduation, she earned 20 graduate hours at the Summer Institute of Linguistics and was accepted as a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators.  This ministry allowed Beverly to serve in Peru as a descriptive linguist with the Okaina Indians and as the Assistant Director of the Peruvian Bilingual Jungle Indian Schools.  During her furloughs she was able to achieve a M.Ed. at the University of Arkansas and an M.A. in descriptive anthropology from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. 

After her time with Wycliffe ended in 1968, she spent 6 years as the Specialist in Aging with the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service and was also able to complete the requirements for the D.Ed. from the University of Arkansas.  From 1976 until she retired in 1995, Beverly served as Executive Director of Florence Crittenton Home Services, Inc.  This charity provided comprehensive residential services for girls who were pregnant out of wedlock and who had decided to give birth.  She incorporated into the program the JBU education emphasis on Head, Heart, and Hand.  Throughout her years she found to be true the counsel of Dr. Earl C. Smith, JBU Dean of Bible, “Know what the Lord would have you do and expect Him to provide the way.” Beverly passed away November, 2008.