Haspels Missionary Endowed Scholarship

Joanna Haspels

Type: Endowed

Donor: Joanna Haspels

Established: 2012

After graduating from JBU in 1962, Joanna Klock Haspels took her first teaching position on the Navajo Reservation in Kayenta, Arizona.  Joanna then moved to Parker, Arizona, and discovered a fundamental church where she met her husband—Carl Haspels, a Sterling College graduate and member of a large missionary family.  Many of Carl’s relatives, including Lester Haspels (uncle), Charles and Lois Haspels (uncle and aunt), Chuck and Ann Haspels (cousins), John and Gwen Haspels (cousins), and several of John and Gwen’s children have served as missionary workers in Africa with Presbyterian Church Missions.

Joanna has always had a strong heart for missions.   While she did not have the opportunity to serve overseas, Joanna has been a strong influence domestically on the lives of many high school and adult students.  She has provided an example of faithfulness, stability, endurance, compassion, consistency, and a concern for the welfare of her students.  From working with Navajo Indian students to incarcerated adult men in a state prison, this strong example has been maintained throughout her 46 years of teaching.

Joanna has been blessed through the years and has consistently supported mission work, both domestic and international.  She was led to give real estate to John Brown University to create an endowed scholarship that would expand the spread of the gospel.