Charles and Suszanna Gehron Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Family and friends of the Gehron family

Type: Endowed

Donor: Family and friends of the Gehron family

Established: 1982

Clyde Gehron believed in John Brown Senior’s philosophy on teaching.  He agreed that training the youth is the very best investment that can be made.  Clyde believed that the best education is training youth by experience in whatever vocation they choose and to encourage them to live their lives as Christians.

Clyde was a JBU grad who studied agriculture. He served in the Navy and traveled to the Pacific, South America, and Alaska.  One of his most interesting happenings since his time at JBU was building two nurseries where he grew 1 billion pine trees and planted over 1 million acres in Louisiana.  He was a charter member of the Dean’s Association in 1990, which was formed to ensure appropriate recognition of those persons who have shared significantly in furthering the spiritual and academic goals of the University.

Clyde’s brother Vernie and his wife Helon also contributed to  this scholarship.  Vernie received a B.S. in Mechanical engineering from JBU and went on to be the President of G and R Consultants Inc. and APEX Printing and Envelope Co.  He served in the Air Force Material Command all throughout WWII.  He met and married his wife, Helon, while at JBU.  He also enjoyed studying under Ben Ward who greatly influenced his life by being one of the smartest professors and Christian men that Vernie knew.  He was thankful for the many life-long friends he made while at JBU.  He was especially thankful to John E. Brown who provided him an opportunity to receive a college education even though he was a poor, young farm boy.  He and his wife also became charter members of the Dean’s Association in 1990.