Keith and Miriam Feaster Family Endowed Scholarship

Keith and Miriam Feaster

Type: Endowed

Donor: Keith and Miriam Feaster

Established: 2006

Keith and Miriam Feaster both graduated from John Brown University, after they met in a required art class.  For both of them, JBU is a place that they will never forget, and the university holds a special place in their hearts.  Keith studied Engineering and graduated in 1962.  Miriam studied Christian Education.  Keith founded the company Lone Star Compressor Corporation that furnishes new and re-manufactured compressors for refinery and chemical plants and was a member of the JBU Board of Trustees from 1999 until right before his death in 2012.  Keith would not have been able to attend JBU without a scholarship.  He came to JBU with only half the resources he needed to complete his education and he was able to work and receive scholarships for the other half.  It is the Feaster’s intent to help those students who have financial need and are studying in the Engineering program at JBU.