Engineering Hands Endowed Scholarship

Tim and Arlene Kliewer

Type: Endowed

Donor: Tim and Arlene Kliewer

Established: 2012

Tim Kliewer graduated from JBU with an engineering degree in 1986.  While Tim attended JBU, he was very aware of the costs of his education and strived to not enter into significant debt by working his way through school.  One conversation that he had with his senior year classmates focused on the fact that many were working their way through school and were concerned that their studies were suffering as a result.  Tim recognized that it is important to establish a good work ethic, but he believes that the necessity to work in order to pay for school should not hinder a student's academic progress.  The Engineering Hands Endowed Scholarship is intended to help engineering students focus more on their academic work by reducing some of the burden of the cost of their education.