Eldridge Family Endowed Scholarship

Earl and Cora Eldridge Peter and Arlene Eldridge

Type: Endowed

Earl and Cora Eldridge
Peter and Arlene Eldridge

Established: 2006

Earl and Cora Eldridge have been entrepreneurs for most of their lives.  They have owned small businesses in Vermont, southern California and Hawaii.  Earl is also a general contractor and continues to build homes well into his retirement years.  Earl and Cora had four children graduate from JBU between 1985 and 1992.  Peter Eldridge, ’85, was one of those children.  The other Eldridge children who attended JBU were Ruth (Eldridge) Abbey, ’87 (and her husband Chris Abbey, ’87); Becky (Eldridge) Cable, ’88; and Paul Eldridge, ’91 (and his wife Laurie Eldridge, ’92).  Peter and Arlene Eldridge have been long time supporters of JBU.  While a student at JBU, Peter received need-based scholarships and worked in the student work-study program.  Arlene held a number of administrative positions in the JBU Business Office while Peter was a student, ultimately acting as the Executive Assistant to the JBU President, then John Brown III.  JBU has had a profound impact on the spiritual, academic, emotional and social lives of the Eldridge family children, and they would not have been able to JBU without receiving crucial need-based financial aid.  This scholarship is being created in recognition of and in thankfulness for that impact on the Eldridge family.