Roger F. and Annie Lee Cox Memorial Endowed Science Scholarship

Dr. Robert and Kathryn Jackson Dr. Storm and Jane Bucy Whaley

Type: Endowed

Dr. Robert and Kathryn Jackson
Dr. Storm and Jane Bucy Whaley

Established: 1995

Dr. Roger Cox was an alumnus of John Brown University receiving his bachelor's degree in 1936, his master's degree from Oklahoma State University, and his doctorate from the University of Arkansas. In 1938, he married Annie Lee Woodward. Annie was a 1938 JBU graduate with an elementary education degree. She worked in the laundry room at JBU for her work-study job, washing student uniforms. After graduation, Annie taught for 1 year at the log cabin school on campus. Then she retired from teaching to raise her family.   She was a member of Missionary Guild and Faculty Ladies. These organizations welcomed new faculty and acted as hostesses for showers and teas. They also served as "family" for many of the students.

Dr. Cox served JBU for 44 years. He began teaching math in 1936, served as Registrar and Academic Dean, then returned to teaching mathematics until retirement in 1980. His teaching also included ground instruction and coordination of the flight instruction school during the years that JBU participated in the Civilian Pilot Training-War Training Service (CPT-WTS).

Among Dr. Cox's many interests was a great love for music--he was a member of the Ozarkian Quartet which traveled extensively with Dr. John E. Brown Sr. in his evangelistic campaigns.