William F. and Alice D. Blackburn Endowed Scholarship

William and Alice Blackburn

Type: Endowed

Donor: William and Alice Blackburn

Established: 1970

John Brown University's relationship with William and Alice Blackburn began in the early 1970’s. Mr. Blackburn called the JBU radio station in Long Beach and asked to meet with a representative of the university. When Dr. John E. Brown Jr. met him for lunch at the Biltmore in downtown Los Angeles, Mr. Blackburn expressed his interest in JBU. He said he listened to the daily radio broadcasts of Dr. John E. Brown Sr. and expressed his admiration for and commitment to the principles of Dr. Brown and his ministry. That lunch began a long relationship of extreme generosity and support for JBU students. This continued after William's death, and still continues today after Alice's death through the William F. and Alice D. Blackburn Endowed Scholarship.