Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Badalich Endowed Scholarship

Albina "Bea" Badalich

Type: Endowed

Donor: Albina "Bea" Badalich

Established: 2006

Albina "Bea" Badalich had a long history supporting JBU.  Bea's initial relationship to JBU came through JBU's Long Beach radio station, KGER. Carl "Kelly" Bihl became the JBU campus pastor in 1965 and also had a radio ministry for JBU.  Bea used to listen to Kelly on KGER, and was moved to begin supporting the university as a result of those broadcasts.  Over the years, Bea was a strong supporter of the university even without ever visiting campus.  Finally in the fall of 2005, Bea visited JBU for the first time and attended homecoming activities. It was Bea's intention, in creating this endowed scholarship, to honor and memorialize her late husband, Virgil Badalich.  Bea passed away December, 2015.