J. L. and Margaret W. Allhands Endowed Scholarship

Estate of J. L. Allhands

Type: Endowed

Donor: Estate of J. L. Allhands

Established: 1978

Mr. Allhands was a Texas businessman in oil. He and his wife were not alumni, but were always good friends of the university. When Mr. James L. Allhands died early in 1978, he left a bequest to John Brown University. His wife, Margaret was given the freedom to designate what the bequest was used for. She wrote a letter in June, 1978, after giving it a lot of thought stating "Knowing Mr. Allhands' deep interest in young people I’m sure he would be pleased to help make an educational opportunity for some who otherwise might not have one. Scholarships are a living interest and investment in a college preparation particularly in a school that puts great emphasis on the building of Christian character." That was the beginning of this scholarship. Margaret died in 1979, but their legacy lives on.