Giving Voice:  A Festival of Writing and the Arts

September 21, 2018



Mining the Everyday: Three Keys to Putting your Life on the Page
Toni Jensen

          The best nonfiction features interesting people, memorable story lines, and insights into how the narrator views the world. Come learn how to tell your life's stories in interesting, vivid ways.


Screenwriting Essentials: Format, Film Language and Finding Your True Voice
Michael Wright

          Through demonstration samples of mini-screenplays, attendees will develop an understanding of the basics of script formatting and learning "film-think."  The workshop will include the opportunity to attempt a mini-screenplay as well.  Bring paper, pen/pencil and an open willingness to play.


Songwriting:  Telling a Story
Jen Edwards

          Although there are many songwriting techniques, this workshop will focus on story songwriting. Students will explore meter, form, and rhyming techniques that are often employed when telling individual stories through music and lyric.  Students will then work together to compose a song, carefully crafting lyrics to communicate a specific story with characters, locations, actions and emotions. 


Keep It Tense!: Strategies for Creating Tension
Brad Gambill

          When scenes in your short stories (or plays) fall flat, what do you do? Great writers employ tried-and-true techniques to create moments thick with tension. In this workshop, you will learn about strategies, such as triangulating and layering, to help put life into those flat scenes, keeping your reader fully engaged and ready to flip to the next page.‚Äč


Fun-Sized Fiction: How Less Can Be Just Enough
Becky Marietta 

       Creating flash fiction can help writers learn to maximize their impact by stripping their stories to the bare minimum. This workshop will cover the basic requirements of a good story and show how to slash through unnecessary details to get to those required elements. Participants will be given the opportunity to analyze examples of very short fiction together, and then practice formulating ideas for their own “bite-sized” stories.


Readers Theater
Jan Lauderdale

           If you are interested in acting, come and try Readers Theater, a dramatic presentation of a written work in a script form. Readers read from a script, so there is no memorization. The focus is on reading the text with expressive voices and gestures. Participants will work on characterization, facial expressions, and use of inflection.  Limit 12 students per workshop.


Drama I: Intro to Improvisational Theater and Other Scary Things
Donna Rollene

          All participants will be encouraged to exercise their creativity through drama games and improvised settings. Presentation will be improvisational within framework decided by instructor and will include all participants. Limit 15 students per workshop.


Story, Symbol, & Song: The Primordial Power of Poetry
Angela Alaimo O’Donnell

          The poet Basho once wrote of the experience of poetry, “it’s like being alive twice.”  The poet arrives at this truth as he or she creates a poem, attempting to pay full attention to the real, to stop time, and to capture in words a fleeting moment of meaning. That meaning coalesces in three primordial poetic elements: Story, Symbol, & Song. With each (re)reading, the life contained in the lines of a poem is renewed.  In fact, to read and write poetry is akin to being alive many more times than twice. It gives us all a thousand lives. This workshop will consider these three primordial elements and the powerful role each plays as students read representative poems and create their own.


Squeegee Time: A Screen Printing Workshop  
Kyle Agee

           This class gives students a basic introduction into the “Art Poster“ screen printing process.  We will look at “gig” and “art" posters, talk about the techniques of producing the posters, and then practice those techniques by pulling a few prints during the class.  Limit 15 students per workshop.


Introduction to the Traditional Dark Room
Neal Holland

          Students will have the opportunity to study the traditional process of gelatin silver development as conducted in the traditional (chemical) darkroom.  Each group will receive a film negative and will themselves develop an 8x10 silver print that they may keep as a memento of the day.  The workshop does not require any previous knowledge of tradition.  Limit 12 students per workshop.


Natural Light Portraiture 
Gary Yandell

          In this introductory class on Natural Light Portraiture you will learn some simple steps to greatly improve your portraits. We will be working outdoors for part of the morning and then processing images, that you take, and will print them out. This will be a fun and informative class for all.


Bobby Martin

          A basic introduction to creating prints by hand using an etching press. We will create artwork with ink on plexiglass, and then transfer those images to paper to make a unique "monotype" print. This fast but interesting process does not require any previous drawing or painting experience.  Limit 12 students per workshop. 


Acting the commedia del’Arte: the comedic heritage of stock characters, silly masks, and slap-sticks    
Josiah Wallace

           If you love physical comedy and ever wondered where the term “slapstick” originated, this workshop is for you. We will be exploring the stock characters of commedia, their masks, and what the comedy of commedia is all about. Be forewarned, this is a physically demanding acting class – you might get a little sweaty.    


Ekphrastic Art
Jessica Mains

World-renowned sculptor Pepo Toledo’s sculptures are being exhibited on campus in our art gallery. Students will have a chance to respond his work by creating their own sculptures out of clay. These will inspire further ekphrastic pieces through which students can explore the relationships between art, writing, and emotion. Students can bring these final pieces home with them.  Limit 12 students per workshop. 

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