Work-study Forms

Filling Out and Sending Forms

There are five forms that you must complete for work-study. Please fill out the first four forms and send them to us as soon as possible. You must complete the fifth form on the list, the I-9, with Human Resources when you are present on campus. 

  1. New Student Employment Survey (Freshmen only)
  2. AR4EC
  3. Payment Authorization Form
  4. W-4
  5. You will complete the I-9 form with Human Resources when you are present on campus. You will need have one original list A document, or one original List B document AND one original List C document to complete this form. (Please see I-9 Acceptable Documents.)

Send forms by fax or postal mail to:

Fax: 479-524-7405

Mailing Address:
JBU Financial Aid Office
Attn: Workstudy
2000 W University St
Siloam Springs, AR 72761

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