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Q: I have work experience in a certain field. Can I apply for a job in the field even though I'm a freshman?

A: No. All freshmen are assigned to an essential services position for one full year. Freshmen can choose to work for food services, custodial services, or grounds crew. These areas provide vital services for the daily operation of the University and require a large number of student workers in order to run effectively.


Q: When do work-study assignments start?

A: Work-study begins the first day of classes each semester.


Q: When do I get paid?

A: Student employees get paid every two weeks beginning in September and ending in May.


Q: Are work-study wages taxable? Should I include it on my tax return?

A: Yes! All wages paid to students (including work-study) are subject to federal and state income taxes, and must be reported on the appropriate tax forms. Retirement contributions, such as social security, are not withheld. Each employee will receive an earnings statement, Form W-2, from the Business Office at the end of the calendar year.


Q: Who was Joe R. Smith?

A: Joe R. Smith graduated from John Brown University in 1927. After graduation, he devoted nearly fifty years as the director of JBU's work programs. It has been said that he was "the personification of the JBU spirit." He carefully upheld the ideals of the work ethic, as he faithfully gave encouragement to students who worked around him. He was a wonderful example for the students as he effectively labored to serve God and man.


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