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Guides to Financial Aid

  • The US Department of Higher Education has a GREAT web site for Financial Aid seekers. Start here!
  • The US Department of Education publishes a Guide to Federal Student Aid.
  • FinAid.org is a comprehensive site full of financial aid information.
  • NASFAA provides resources for students, parents, and counselors. 

When investigating scholarship money, beware of any organization that asks you to pay a fee to help you "find" funds. (See Federal Student Aid's "Avoiding Scams" web page for more information.)

Researching Scholarships

In Your Community

Inquire about local scholarships by contacting your high school guidance counselor, chamber of commerce, church, employers, civic groups, library, etc.


Take advantage of the web to gather valuable information to assist in your college choice decision, to learn more about college financing options, and to begin the required application procedures.

Apply for scholarships free online at the following websites:

The government has established a web site that includes information on colleges and financial aid for Americans with disabilities:


Research scholarships for minority students through the foundations and organizations listed below:

If you are a homeless youth, you can review higher education resources at http://www.naehcy.org/educational-resources/higher-ed

If you have spent time in the foster care system, ask your state about the John H. Chafee Program. Also visit the Foster Care to Success scholarship website.

Find study-abroad scholarships at these websites:

Look for regional and national corporations and foundations that offer scholarships: