Pouring into the Campus Community

Campus Ministries seeks, through structured and serendipitous ways, to contribute to spiritual growth on campus. Lisa Corry, Director of Campus Ministries, facilitates this along with a team of student campus ministry directors.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are one avenue of authentic spiritual growth at JBU. These peer-led and faculty/staff-led groups meet weekly for fellowship, Bible-study, prayer, book discussion, or to address a special area of interest from within the group. These groups offer a variety of time commitments ranging from a few weeks to the full year. 


In addition to small groups, Campus Ministries seeks to connect students in the pursuit of mentoring relationships.

Additional Campus Opportunities

Outside of these structure means of spiritual development, the student directors of the campus ministry team seek creative ways to aid in spiritual growth opportunities on campus. Throughout the academic year Campus Ministries provides programming for men and women featuring a focused teaching and reflection time.

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