Take Time Away

Fall Retreats

Breakaway at New Life Ranch

A fall tradition at JBU, every year hundreds of students take off for a weekend away from campus. It's a perfect time to get to know people you haven't yet met and know the ones you have met better!  The weekend provides space to refocus on the Lord and rest after a busy start to the school year. Breakaway 2020 has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic but we look forward to bringing it back when safety precautions will allow.


Spring Retreats

Spring retreats will not take place in 2021.  Students can be looking for alternative programming and anticipate the return of the retreats when precautions will allow.

Women's Retreat at Camp Egan

Every spring semester, female students at JBU embark on a retreat for the purposes of spiritual growth, nurturing friendships, and getting away from the pressures of studies. Special activities are planned for the purposes of fostering creativity, prayer, and physical health. But most of all, the retreat is a great time to just be. 

Men's Retreat at Ponca Bible Camp

The men's retreat is an opportunity for the MEN of JBU to connect on a deeper level. We want to address relevant issues concerning our spiritual development. We have been called by God to be followers of Christ, and this weekend will be a time to further develop the character and integrity that are vital for this mission. It will be a great time to get away from campus to worship, to fellowship, and to grow deeper in our walk with the Lord as we have FUN! Did we mention FUN…'cause there will be lots of it.‚Äč