Domestic and International Opportunities

"And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Acts 1:8b

In line with JBU's motto of Head, Heart, Hand, JBU students have several opportunities to go out from JBU to grow in understanding of God's work in the world, experience worship in a variety of contexts, and serve others here in the U.S. and abroad. No matter where students go, they will have opportunities to grow in their faith as well as encourage and support gospel workers in their context.

Through these trips we will have opportunities to listen and learn from God and his Church and in the process have opportunities to serve and share the hope of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom.  

Domestic Mission Opportunities

Due to COVID-19 all domestic trips for the 2020-2021 academic year have been cancelled.  Below are a list of trips that we have taken in the past and intend to restart again once safety precautions allow.



Gulf Coast Rebuild Action Trip
Partnering with Samaritan's Purse, a team of students will serve flood-ravaged areas of South Texas by participating in on-going rebuilding efforts. All skill levels are welcome!  Use the skills you already have to help families rebuild their lives and learn new skills in the process.  Added perks include visiting the historically rich city of Houston.

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Chicago Community Development Encounter Trip
The Chicago Community Development Trip is designed to help students learn from Christians living out the gospel in inner city contexts. The trip will include exposure to issues of race and poverty and the intersection of the gospel. Working with and exploring with Bridge Builders and Sunshine Gospel Ministries students will serve others and learn about the key aspects of Christian community development.

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Atlanta Refugee Encounter Trip
Partnering with Friends of Refugees trip participants will work alongside and learn from refugees and those who work to settle, care for, and train refugees in the Atlanta area. From resettlement efforts to education and job training to gospel-centered outreach, organizations are working every day to  welcome "the stranger" with the love of Christ.  This trip will explore the challenges and opportunities of men and women from all over the world who seek to start a new life in the US.    

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El Paso Border Encounter Trip
Join a trip to the US/Mexico Border to explore the issue of loving your neighbor.  An oft contentious issue, immigration can create many reactions. This trip seeks to explore the various complexities of immigration, while putting a face and experience to the issue.  Partnering with Abara, the trip incorporates service in the community, cross-border experiences, and listening and learning opportunities among the Christian communities seeking to be salt and light in their communities. 

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Chicago (IL) Urban Vision Trip
The Chicago Urban Vision Trip is designed to help students learn about and from inner city cultures and about ministry in these cultures. The trip will include learning from our brothers and sisters in Hispanic and African-American churches and neighborhoods, the homeless, and one another as well as provide opportunities to engage in the neighborhood through work projects and more. This is not primarily an evangelistic mission, but rather a learning mission-although we certainly hope that opportunities for spoken and lived evangelism will occur.

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Colcord (OK) Service Trip

The Colcord Service Trip is designed to engage students in practical ways of service in a small, rural community only 15 miles from campus. This trip serves as a great opportunity to not only reach out to our neighbors in need by joining with local churches and other ministries that are already at work in the community, but to also develop the important ministry of listening to one another. This trip is designed to help students begin to engage with basic community development principles by coming alongside churches and organizations that already invest in the community.

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Tulsa, OK
Exploring issues of poverty, homelessness, and Christian community development with the power of the Gospel. Join in with a monthly apartment outreach to children and youth on Friday night, serve at the Family and Youth Center, listen to stories from John 3:16 Mission staff, volunteers, and clients, learn from men and women engaged in developing communities through the power of the gospel, worship with a faith community committed to preaching and living the gospel, come back with a larger vision of the work of the Gospel!

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For more information and other opportunities contact:

International Missions
William Stevenson
Director of International Programs

Domestic Missions
Frank Huebert
Director of Service and Outreach Ministries

Missions Fairs
Missionaries in Residence