Kristie Moergen

Director of Campus Ministries

Kristie Moergen

Kristie enjoys working with student ministries on campus. Along with the Director of Service and Outreach Ministries, she provides oversight to the nine students of the Student Ministry Leadership Team (SMLT) as they create opportunities for service, evangelism, awareness, discipleship, and fellowship both on and off campus through Growth Groups, CAUSE, retreats, and other creative initiatives. 

Kristie returned to Arkansas (she graduated from JBU in 2010) after living in NYC, Colorado, and, most recently, Michigan. She earned her M.A. in Counseling from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. She loves reading poets Mary Oliver, Rilke, and Rumi, as well as playing on rivers and in the backcountry, settling in at a taqueria or coffee shop, and enjoying daily life with her husband Sam.

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