Temporary Chapel Information - Fall 2021

COVID-19 Adjustments to Chapel Policy

The JBU chapel program will be returning to normal requirements and indoor services for Fall 2021 but with some adjustments due to COVID-19.

  • Students will sign up for one of three large sections (A, B, and C) which will rotate between the Cathedral (two sections) and Berry Performing Arts Center (one section) per a schedule to be communicated by the Office of Christian Formation. This will provide a location for all students to attend chapel every Tuesday and Thursday.

  • There will be live worship in both locations. The speaker will be live in the Cathedral and streamed to BPAC. All students will have opportunities throughout the semester to attend in both locations. 

  • Chapel Section registration is now open here: https://veri.eaglenet.jbu.edu/chapel-sections. More information about chapel sections can be found here: https://eaglenet.jbu.edu/pages/fall-chapel-sections

  • The Gathering will take place on Sunday evenings; sign-ups are not currently required for that event.

  • Masks will be required during all services.

Normal chapel attendance policy will be in effect for the Fall 2021 semester:

  • Chapel services will be held each Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. The Gathering will be held Sunday nights at 9 p.m. in the Cathedral of the Ozarks. “Additional” chapel opportunities are listed as they become available. (A complete schedule of all chapel services will be made available soon.)

  • All full-time students (12 hours or more) and residential (on-campus) students are required to attend 21 chapels per semester (plus any they were short the prior semester).

  • At least 15 of those must be weekday “regular” chapels (generally Tuesdays and Thursdays). The remaining six (6) requirements may be any combination of regular chapels and/or services that are designated as “additional” chapel events, such as The Gathering (Sunday night student-led chapel) and other forums approved by the Office of Christian Formation.

  • Part-time students are required to make up any chapel requirements which they were short the prior semester.

  • Students will use their ID cards to scan for credit in the Cathedral and in BPAC. Chapel credits will be posted in the online chapel record on EagleNet. If it is not correct as of the processing date shown, the student should contact the Office of Christian Formation as soon as possible by selecting the "Questions about Chapel Credit" link on their chapel attendance page on EagleNet.

  • If for some reason a student will not be able to attend chapel, the normal exemption policy is in effect.

  • To access more information about chapel, search for "Chapel Attendance" on EagleNet or go to All Pages > Chapel > Chapel Attendance.


 More about Fall 2021 chapel

For information on JBU's standard chapel policy, please see the JBU Student Handbook (pp. 31-33).

Please contact the Office of Christian Formation if you have questions.