Chapel Speakers

Spring 2015

President Chip Pollard

(January 15, February 20, April 16)

Dr. Pollard has been the president of JBU since 2004. Prior to coming to JBU, he taught English at Calvin College and practiced law in Chicago.

Marquita Smith

(January 19)

Dr. Smith is assistant professor of journalism at JBU and head of the department of communication.

Trisha Posey

(January 19)

Dr. Posey is director of JBU's Honors Scholars Program and associate professor of history.

Rod Reed

(January 20, February 10, April 28)

Dr. Reed has been the chaplain at JBU since 2008 and is associate professor of practical theology.

Rudy Carrasco

(January 22)

Rudy Carrasco has 25 years of experience supporting ministries and churches in effective practices for Christian community development and affirming the role of markets and business in lifting the poor out of poverty. He is a past board member of World Vision U.S. and a member of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s Alumni Hall of Fame. His articles have appeared in Forbes, Christianity Today, Discipleship Journal, and Youthworker.

Steve Snediker

(January 27)

Steve Snediker is assistant professor of visual arts and cinema at JBU.

Ming Wang

(January 29)

Ming Wang graduated from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and holds a doctorate degree in laser spectroscopy. His faith is shown not only in his scientific work in the vision field, but also through two non-profit organizations he has founded: the Wang Foundation for Christian Outreach to China with a mission to bring newly translated Bibles to China, and the Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration, which has provided sight restoration surgeries free of charge for patients in over 40 states in the U.S. and 55 countries worldwide.

Tracy Balzer

(February 3)

Tracy Balzer is the director of Christian formation at JBU and an assistant professor of biblical studies.

Doreen Dodgen-Magee

(February 5)

Doreen Dodgen-Magee is a psychologist from Portland, Oregon. She has 22 years of experience working with individuals and groups and has conducted research on how technology is shaping the neurological, interpersonal, and intrapersonal lives of individuals today.

Noah Mitchell

(February 12)

Noah Mitchell received his undergraduate degree in 2005 and his graduate degree in 2007, both from John Brown University. He now teaches at Pantego Christian Academy in Arlington, Texas, and also serves as a youth and college pastor at Marshall Drive Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, Texas. Noah is the author of Face to Faith: How to Own your Faith in College.

Joe Walenciak

(February 17)

Dr. Walenciak is the dean of Soderquist College of Business and head of the department of undergraduate business at JBU.

Dale Kuehne

(February 19)

Dale Kuehne is the second Richard L. Bready Chair of Ethics, Economics and the Common Good at Saint Anselm College. He is also professor of politics and was the founding director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College. Kuehne authored Sex and the iWorld: Rethinking Relationship Beyond an Age of Individualism, and has consulted with several NGO’s and governments on issues related to sexuality, marriage, and family.

Becky Straw, Soderquist Center Leadership Week

(February 24)

Becky Straw is the chief adventurist and co-founder of The Adventure Project. Her organization fills a critical role in alleviating poverty by leveraging the power of a grassroots movement toward solutions that empower the poor to become profitable entrepreneurs. In four years, over 745 jobs have been created that have resulted in helping almost one million people, by providing better food, water, health care, and a safer environment to local communities in Haiti, India, Kenya and Uganda.

Shawn Askinosie, Soderquist Center Leadership Week

(February 26)

Shawn Askinosie, founder and CEO of Askinosie Chocolate, is a philanthropically-minded visionary and entrepreneur. As a part of the company’s sustainable lunch programs, Askinosie Chocolate is currently providing meals (with the help of local schools’ PTAs) to over 1,600 students per day in Tanzania and the Philippines, without any donations. Askinosie Chocolate’s award-winning products are sold throughout the U.S., and exported to stores across the globe.

Hadden Wilson, Spiritual Renewal Week

(March 3-5)

Hadden Wilson lives in Northern Ireland where he is a faculty member of JBU’s Irish Studies program. Previously he served for fifteen years as Pastor of Ballynahinch Baptist Church. He and his wife Betty have also spent a year at JBU serving as Missionaries in Residence.

Steve Beers

(March 10)

Dr. Beers has been with JBU as the vice president for student development since 1998.

Guillaume Bignon

(March 12)

Guillaume Bignon, a Frenchman born and raised near Paris, became passionate about Christian apologetics after an unlikely and providential conversion in his mid-20s from atheism to Christianity. This led him to attend Alliance Theological Seminary in New York, where he obtained a masters in biblical literature with an emphasis on the New Testament. His love for the truth drove him to continue his studies, and he is currently completing his PhD in philosophical theology under Paul Helm at London School of Theology. He presently works in New York City as a computer scientist in the financial industry.

Amanda Himes

(March 17)

Dr. Himes is assistant professor of English at JBU. 

Carlos Campo

(March 19)

Carlos Campo is the chair of Educational Initiatives for the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and the former president of Regent University, where he served for five years. He is a leading voice in the American Hispanic community, and is also a frequent contributor to a number of national publications. 

Derek Clark

(April 9)

Derek Clark journeyed through a childhood past of unthinkable abuse, abandonment, and emotional distress, and now shares an inspiring message of hope and unwavering perseverance. He was ranked by Google as #1 “inspiring motivational speaker” out of 3 million listings and is also ranked #1 for “stories about never giving up” out of 170 million listings. He is the author of six books including Never Limit Your Life and the I Will Never Give Up book series.

Jake Stratman

(April 14)

Dr. Stratman is associate professor of English at JBU and chair of the division of humanities and social sciences.

Nick Ogle

(April 21)

Dr. Ogle is associate professor of family and human services at JBU.

Ken Isaacs, Celebration for Academic Excellence

(April 23)

Ken Isaacs currently serves as the vice president of programs and government relations for Samaritan’s Purse. He has over 25 years’ experience working in the relief and development community, and has served in dozens of countries, including directing relief responses to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and 2005 Pakistan earthquake. A native of North Carolina, Ken is an avid skydiver, fly fisherman, reader, and marathon runner. He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and whitewater rafted the Nile River six times.