Chapel Speakers

Fall 2015

President Chip Pollard

(August 27, September 22, December 8)

Dr. Pollard has been the president of JBU since 2004. Prior to coming to JBU, he taught English at Calvin College and practiced law in Chicago.

Rod Reed

(September 1, September 15, October 22, November 17)

Dr. Reed has been the chaplain at JBU since 2008. He also teaches classes in spiritual formation and leadership.

Joe Butler

(September 3)

As CEO and founder of Ability Tree, Joe Butler's life mission is to see people living with disability be accepted and included in their local communities. Joe believes businesses and churches can become more inclusive by focusing on their Place (i.e., building), People, and Programs/Products. When Joe is not at the Ability Tree home office or traveling and speaking, he enjoys playing sports (from golf to surfing) and sipping on a good cup of coffee.

Skye Jethani, Spiritual Emphasis Week, Staley Guest

(September 8, 9, 10)

Skye Jethani is an author, speaker, consultant and ordained pastor. He can be heard weekly as co-host of the Phil Vischer Podcast and on radio stations around the country. Skye is also a featured preacher on, senior editor of Leadership Journal, and the director of mission advancement for Christianity Today. His visit is funded in part by an endowment from the Thomas F. Staley Foundation.

Andrea Marroquin and Gladys Guitz

(September 17)

Andrea Marroquin is a Walton Scholar and 2012 JBU graduate. She is currently working in the area of Projects & Implementations for Potter’s House International, a non-profit ministering at the Guatemala City garbage dump community.

Gladys Guitz is a Guatemalan psychologist and co-founder of Potter’s House Association. She has been part of the ministry of Potter’s House for 29 years.

Tracy Balzer

(September 22)

Tracy Balzer is the director of Christian formation at JBU and an assistant professor of biblical studies.

Andrea Dilley and Andrew Belle, Giving Voice: Festival of Writing & the Arts

(September 24)

Andrea Palpant Dilley grew up in Kenya as the daughter of Quaker missionaries and spent the rest of her childhood in the Pacific Northwest. Her writing has been published in Christianity Today and Books & Culture. Her memoir, Faith and Other Flat Tires: Searching for God on the Rough Road of Doubt, tells the story of her faith journey. She lives with her husband and their four kids in Austin, Texas.

Andrew Belle is an American singer-songwriter originally from Wheaton, Illinois. Belle began his musical career toward the end of his time at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. Several of his songs have appeared in popular television shows and commercials. In 2009, the MTV Video Music Awards awarded him Chicago Breakout Artist of the Year. His latest album, Black Bear, came out in 2013.

Ted Song

(September 29)

Dr. Song is an assistant professor of engineering at JBU.

Craig Congdon

(October 2)

Craig Congdon, a 2009 JBU alumnus, is currently the senior pastor at Grace Bible Church and is teaching apologetics, rhetoric, and Bible at Cair Paravel Latin School in Topeka, Kansas, where he lives with his wife Emily, who graduated from JBU in 2010. He received his masters in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2014.

Tim Muehlhoff, CHR Relationships Week

(October 6, 8)

Tim Muehlhoff is a professor of communication at Biola University. He is the author of Authentic Communication: Christian Speech Engaging Culture, The God Conversation: Using Illustrations and Stories to Explain your Faith, Marriage Forecasting, and his newest release, I Beg to Differ: Navigating Difficult Conversations with Truth and Love (all InterVarsity Press). He comes as a guest of JBU's Center for Healthy Relationships.

Cary Balzer

(October 13)

Dr. Balzer is an associate professor of biblical studies at JBU.

Frederica Mathewes-Green, Staley Guest

(October 15)

Frederica Mathewes-Green is a wide-ranging author, whose work has appeared in such diverse publications as the Washington Post, Christianity Today, First Things, Books & Culture, and the Wall Street Journal. She has been a regular commentator for National Public Radio (NPR), and wrote regular book reviews for the Los Angeles Times and movie reviews for National Review Online and Christianity Today Movies. Her visit is funded in part by an endowment from the Thomas F. Staley Foundation.

Francis Umesiri

(October 27)

Dr. Umesiri is an assistant professor of chemistry at JBU.

Olive Aneno

(October 29)

Olive Aneno, a former Compassion child, is a passionate advocate of healthcare as a human right. As a mental health social worker for the state of Georgia, she facilitates community relations among mental health service agencies that serve children and teenagers. In her work for Compassion International, Olive is a gifted speaker, often called on to speak about advocacy, grace, forgiveness, poverty and the plight of vulnerable children around the world.

David Schroeder, World Awareness Week

(November 3, 5)

David Schroeder is the president of Cadence International, a sixty-one-year-old mission agency dedicated to reaching the militaries of America and of the world for Christ.  Cadence has 250 missionaries serving around the world with the mandate to “share the gospel and their lives with the military community.” David has served in this role for 20 years.  He and his wife, Joyce, live with their family in Englewood, Colorado.

Aminta Arrington

(November 10)

Dr. Arrington is in her second year at JBU as an assistant professor of intercultural studies.