Chapel Speakers

Fall 2013

Chapel Speakers Fall 2013

President Chip Pollard (August 29, September 12, December 10)

Dr. Pollard has been the president of JBU since 2004. Prior to coming to JBU, he taught English at Calvin College and practiced law in Chicago.

Phil and Rici Skei, Spiritual Emphasis Week (September 3, 4, and 5)

Phil Skei is the director of advancement for the Fresno Institute for Urban Leadership, a ministry for youth and youth leaders from under-resourced churches, and the pastor of On Ramps Covenant Church. Rici Skei serves as adjunct faculty for Fresno City College, and is the children’s ministry director and worship leader at church. Phil and Rici, with their two daughters, live in one of the most impoverished areas of Fresno in order to model a ministry of personal and community transformation.

Rod Reed (September 10, October 1, November 26)

Dr. Reed has been the chaplain at JBU since 2008.  He also teaches classes in spiritual formation and leadership.

André Broquard (September 12)

Dr. Broquard is the dean of students/director of residence life and adjunct professor in JBU's graduate business program.

Holly Allen (September 17)

Dr. Allen is a professor of biblical studies and directs the Child and Family Studies major. She spends much of her time researching, writing, and speaking at conferences in both secular and Christian settings.

The Voice Bible Project, David Capes (September 19)

David Capes is the Thomas Nelson Research Professor in the School of Theology at Houston Baptist University. In 2004, David became the lead scholar on The Voice, a dynamic translation of the Bible into English, serving as one of the main writers, reviewers, and editors on the project. As an award-winning teacher and popular speaker, he has teamed up with Ecclesia Bible Society and Thomas Nelson Publishers to help believers, young and old, step into the story of Scripture. 

Ted Song (September 24)

Dr. Song is an assistant professor of engineering.  He joined the engineering faculty in August of 2012.

Tom Maltman, Giving Voice: Festival of Writing & the Arts (September 26)

Essayist, poet, and fiction writer, Tom Maltman grew up an Air Force brat, living everywhere from Lubbock, Texas, to Stuttgart Air Force Base in Germany. His first novel, The Night Birds, published in 2008, won multiple honors, including the Friends of American Writers Literary Award. He lives with his wife and two daughters and teaches composition and creative writing at Normandale Community College in the Twin Cities.

Andrew Peterson, Giving Voice: Festival of Writing & the Arts (September 26)

Andrew Peterson, a Dove-nominated singer-songwriter from Nashville, has quietly carved out a niche for himself as one of the most thoughtful, poetic, and lyrical songwriters of his generation. His songs have been recorded by such artists as Caedmon’s Call, Randy Travis, and Michael Card. In addition to his music, Peterson has just published the third of a four-part fantasy series for young readers called the Wingfeather Saga.

Rory Noland (October 3)

Rory Noland is the director of Heart of the Artist Ministries, an organization dedicated to serving artists in the church. He leads retreats for artists, speaks at workshops and conferences, mentors worship leaders, and consults with churches in the areas of worship and the arts. Rory is a published songwriter and has authored four books, including Worship on Earth as It Is in Heaven: Exploring Worship as a Spiritual Discipline.

John E. Brown III, Homecoming (October 4)

John E. Brown III is a former president of John Brown University, which was founded by his late grandfather in 1919. After serving as president, he was elected to the Arkansas Legislature where he served as a senator from 1995 to 2002. He has been the executive director of the Windgate Charitable Foundation since its founding in 1993, and is currently a board member at JBU.

Scott Stanley, CRE Relationships Week (October 8 and 10)

Scott Stanley is a research professor and co-director of the Center for Marital and Family Studies at the University of Denver. His scholarship focuses on romantic relationships, including basic research and theory on the subjects of commitment, cohabitation, communication, conflict, risk factors for divorce, and relationship development. He comes as a guest of JBU’s Center for Healthy Relationships.

Margo Turner (October 15)

Dr. Turner is the department head of undergraduate education at JBU, and professor of education.  She joined JBU’s faculty in 2012.

Aisic and Riva Hirsch (October 17)

Aisic and Riva Hirsch come to this special convocation to tell their story of surviving the terrors of the Holocaust. They represent the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center, which serves to preserve the memories of Alabama Holocaust survivors and continue their legacies.

Richard Hays (October 24)

Richard Hays, Dean and the George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament at Duke Divinity School, is internationally recognized for his work on the letters of Paul and New Testament ethics. His scholarly work has bridged the disciplines of biblical criticism and literary studies, exploring the innovative ways in which early Christian writers interpreted Israel’s Scripture. An ordained United Methodist minister, he has preached in settings ranging from rural churches to Westminster Abbey.

Jim Blankenship (October 29)

Dr. Blankenship is an associate professor of biblical studies. A former lawyer, he came to JBU in 2002.

Mary DeMuth (October 31)

Mary DeMuth is the author of fifteen books, including The Wall Around Your Heart: How Jesus Heals You When Others Hurt You and the soon-to-be-released Not Marked: Finding Hope & Healing After Sexual Abuse. She has spoken around the world, sharing her testimony of God’s redemption. She and her husband, Patrick, live in the Dallas area and have three children. She comes in partnership with Compassion International.

Todd Ahrend, World Awareness Week (November 5 and 7)

Todd Ahrend is the founder and international director of The Traveling Team, a national missions mobilization movement. He and his wife, Jessica, have spent over a decade traveling both nationwide and abroad, speaking to thousands of people about involvement in world evangelization. Todd has exposure in over sixty countries and has lived in the Middle East. He is the author of The Abrahamic Revolution and In This Generation. Todd and Jessica have three children.

Tracy Balzer (November 12)

Tracy Balzer is the director of Christian formation and an assistant professor of biblical studies. She also leads JBU's annual Summer Mission to Ireland.

Tony Kriz (November 14)

Tony Kriz is a teacher of faith and culture through the mass media, via social media, and at universities, conferences, and communities of faith. Many were first introduced to him under the moniker “Tony the Beat Poet” in Donald Miller’s best-selling book, Blue Like Jazz. Tony and his family have been foundational participants of several spiritual communities that serve the disillusioned, artistic, and dramatically post-Christian cultures of east Portland. His next book, Aloof, comes out in Fall 2014.

Frank Huebert (November 19)

Frank Huebert serves JBU as director of service and outreach ministries.

Jaime Zamarrón (November 21)

Jaime Zamarrón is a communicator and the lead pastor of Iglesia Cuerpo Vivo, the Hispanic campus of First Baptist Church of Rogers, Arkansas, that aims to resource new pastors and leader teams for new congregations all around Northwest Arkansas and the rest of the world. Jaime and his wife Erika have two children.